The web service is flexible and will return opinions about a single or multiple craft beers. I decided to have the single opinion processed as a JSON response, and the multiple opinions will be returned as a XML response. The image to the left shows what a sample response might look like.

Follow this link to get a single opinon by entering an ID between 1 and 280, which is the number of beers in the database: Single Beer Opinions.

To use the multiple opinions web service, enter values between 4 and 13 into the Upper and Lower Abv fields, then press Get Beers. It should return a formatted table similar to the image on the right.

Multiple Beer Opinions

The RESTful web service tutorial I developed on my Mac utilized Java, Eclipse IDE, Apache Tomcat, and the Jersey web services framework.

It was a simple web service that utilized local text files of beer data. I formatted the output using XSLT, shown to the left.