This is a blog discussing my travels over the years.

Greece: Rhodes – Summer of 2013

A few years back, my brother and I went backpacking through Europe.  After a small fiasco in Paris, I met up with my brother and we flew to Greece, officially starting our trip in Rhodes. We explored the island and a had lunch on the cliffs behind a local fort.

Greece: Santorini – Summer of 2013

After spending some time in Rhodes we moved onto Santorini, an absolutely beautiful island where had a wine tastings, and the sunset in a famous town with white and blue buildings.

Greece: Athens – Summer of 2013

After Santorini, we made our way to Athens, a drastically more populated city than the islands we had experienced so far. The city was a blast to explore, seeing the older architecture scattered through the more modern buildings. However, Athens also marked a turning point for our trip. We had spent a week in Greece, but the most we’d spend in one place from this point on was a day or two.

Albania – Montenegro – Summer of 2013

From Greece we took a bus to Albania, which was an interesting experience. It felt like a foreign time-capsule, going into a dinner and hearing music from my childhood, but also just having a shady feel to the city we stayed in. From there we caught a ride through switchback roads to Montenegro.  There we stayed in a town in its own little canyon. A tour guide from the hostel we were staying at took us around the area.

Croatia: Plitvice – Summer of 2013

From Montenegro we went to Croatia. We planned to visit a national park named Plitvice, however, after a series of mishaps with buses, it looked like we’d have to skip it. Instead we stayed at a hotel near the park and went to it in the morning. It was awe inspiring, the park was something out of a National Geographic photograph. This ended up turning what was potentially one of our worst days into one of our most memorable experiences.

Italy: Venice – Summer of 2013

From Croatia we took an overnight boat to Italy and then a train to Venice. It turned out to be our first real run-in with tourists, which was an experience after backpacking for nearly two weeks. Although it was a lot more crowded than any where else we’d been, I’m really glad we went, even if only to say I had. Seeing the waterways and the gondolas was pretty cool.

Switzerland: Lucerne – Summer of 2013

From Venice, we took a train to Lucerne, Switzerland, stopping in Milan to change trains. I only mention this due to it being memorable thanks to the station’s McDonalds. This is because it was the first time I’d ever experienced something so American outside of America, and Milan had put its own spin on it. The McDonalds itself was rather eye catching, barely feeling like McDonalds other than the food.

Lucerne was interesting, the standard of living is so much higher than several of the places we’d been so far, thus making things that were only marginally better quite a bit more expensive. However, money aside, it was a gorgeous city.

Czech Republic: Prague – Summer of 2013

From Lucerne, we headed to Prague, our final stop on our journey. To think that barely a week prior we had been in the greek islands was mind-boggling. But it was true, and the architectural difference were extraordinary. While Greece had columned temples and old forts, the Czech Republic had old cathedrals and fancy bridges. It was rather refreshing having one of our last meals in Europe in a pub, watching the World Cup. 

Road Trips Across United States – Summer of 2015

Since Europe, my brother and I have done a few road trips, traveling back and forth across the length of the United States. We saw the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, and a northern expanse that reminded us of the moon. While he’s more of the adventurer of the two of us, I’ve always enjoyed to trips we go on.

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